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So hopefully y'all have had enough heat as you can stand.Personally I'm ready to pull out my long weave and get to layering.While the weather decides to play games until Fly Girl Fall , let us slay...



In Linen Color

Take a walk on the bright side of summer's most notable fabric,linen.Breathable,barely ironable,but in the right hues a slayable look du jour.



Ready for layering? No problem,we got you! Summer layering is a skill as well as an art form.Lively up your look with our Hot Girl Trench, or try a fun vintage blazer fully oversized and shoulder padded to the Gawds pair with a pair of vintage pleat front shorts.(click pics to shop)





Whether its a coordinated slay or complimentary color slay, a linen two piece look

will leave you cool while looking hawt!



No Shirt,No Prolemmm!

Too hot for shirts? Got a bikini top? Well congrats, you have a shirt! Make a coordinated blazer and bottom look uber chic by wearing a bikini as a bralette. Got big boobies? Pair it with a tank or camisole.Got a lil mommy pudge? Our vintage shorts and pants are high waist and oh so forgiving.



Classic Linen Lewk

Classic linen is known for its high wrinklbiltiy (its a word now!) and lack of color.Its classic light Tan to Ecru will always be a signature look.Pair it with a bikini top or even a real shirt if you have one.As you can see, I dont.



Issa Wrap (Skirt)

Suits arent your thing? Well who asked you anyway! JK ,i did. Try a wrap skirt and sashay away like you are better than those who like suits.Okay,Im gonna stop for real.Wrap skirts are easy,breezy and stylish! Pair with a crop top or fun statement tee if you are sassy!



Get Shredded!

No,i dont mean go to the gym.Well,if you want to you can.Im talking about jeans.The cut up ones.Nothing says 'hot girl' like pants cut up to expose that good ol thigh meat.So whether bootcut or it mom jeans are your jam,get into a shredded pair.All of our vintage denim can be customized and ripped for your pleasure.



 And there you have it! Hot girl fashions for the hot girl in you! No need to ask where you can get all of this finery.Shop Caribbean Cowgirl is your designated Hot Girl Haberdashery !

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